$0 to $2m ARR with B2B sales

Who this is for

Welcome! We wanted to share the longer-form version of how we ran founder-led sales to grow from $0 to $2m ARR in under 2 years.

This guide is for founders who have a B2B company that is just starting out, where you're selling a product that is $250/mo or more.

You might also find value in certain sections if you're running an agency, or a B2C company, or are selling a product <$250/mo. You might find value if you're a B2B sales leader, or an account executive, or are just trying to learn more about sales.

Like many other things - sales, marketing, pricing, and onboarding are all really case-dependent. This isn't meant to be advice, or "go do this," but rather, "here's the playbook that worked well for us, with a specific product, at a specific moment in time."

Why founder-led sales is important

Sales should to be driven by at least one founder until you stop learning new things about your customers, the problem you are solving, and how to position your solution.

At our last company, we had all three founders involved in sales at some level for almost 2 years.

No one is going to understand the product and problem it solves better than the founders. If that's not the case, you have bigger problems than sales.

Sales conversations are also your most important feedback loop. As a founder, you need a front row seat to drive product, pricing and marketing decisions.

Why I wrote this

I've done a lot of sales. I've worked at, built, founded, and sold a couple companies. Everything about a startup is sales: you're selling a product or service to a customer, you're pitching the best people to join your team, you're pitching investors, you're selling a vision to your team, you're striking a critical partnership.

Everything is sales, so we might as well get good at it.

I didn't write this alone. Our team at my new company Laskie encouraged me to write this, and helped out a lot.

Please reach out with questions: [email protected].